Webinar | GDPR – Perceptions and trends in Romania

May 25, 2023 marks 5 years since the entry into force of Regulation (EU) 2016/679 (GDPR).

What has changed in the behavior of natural persons, of data protection service providers, of companies that process personal data, in general? How did the supervisory authority apply the GDPR provisions?

Many companies are still struggling to comply with the GDPR and do not know the level of risk associated with their activity as a result of compliance efforts. There is an increased pressure also as a result of the request of business partners but also of natural persons, who are more and more educated regarding their personal data. The good news is that GDPR allows you to create additional value for your business!

We can help you in this regard. We will offer practical perspectives on the appropriate level of compliance and the market supervisor’s view of it, as well as on how you can value the degree of compliance with the GDPR.

Join us at the webinar we organize together with our partners, Unity Solutions and iPrivacy, where you will find out the latest trends and useful answers regarding:

  • GDPR caselaw 5 years after – where to? – Voicu & Filipescu SCA
  • TOM – Best practices regarding technical and organizational measures – Unity Solutions SRL
  • GDPR – Business Killer vs Business competitive advantage – iPrivacySRL

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The webinar will be held in Romanian and does not involve fees from the attendees.



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