Voicu Financial & Tax Advisers
9A Bilciuresti Street, 7th Floor
1st District, 014012, Bucharest, Romania
Tel.: +40 21 314 02 00
Fax: +40 21 314 02 90
E-mail: tax@voicu-asociatii.ro


In 2006 a group of experienced tax advisers and certified expert accountants who had previously worked for the Romanian subsidiary of the world’s fifth largest audit and accountancy assistance established the tax and accounting consultancy company Steuer & Buchhaltung Partners.

In 2009 Steuer & Buchhaltung Partners was integrated in Voicu & Filipescu’s team and became Voicu & Filipescu Tax Advisers, as part of the group’s strategy for creating a one stop shop for providing integrated consultancy services to its clients. In 2023 Voicu & Filipescu Tax Advisers became Voicu Financial & Tax Advisers.

Today Voicu Financial & Tax Advisers is a recognized name amongst clients and specialists, providing tax consultancy and accounting services to companies active in a variety of industries.

We translate numbers into business objectives to help clients achieve their long run development. We enhance our clients’ profitability by using our experience and abilities as a constructive power, able to support their business decisions.


Tax Assistance

Tax compliance
  • Corporate tax
  • VAT issues
  • Dividends
  • Withholding tax
  • Local taxes
  • Assistance in investigations by tax authorities
Tax audit
Tax due diligence
Agreed-upon procedures
Tax optimization/ restructuring
  • Tax optimization
  • Tax structuring in various proposed transactions
  • Identifying tax opportunities and developing such
  • Tax matters in sale and purchase agreements

Accounting services

  • Monthly bookkeeping
  • Group/international reporting
  • Assistance in various accounting issues, according to client’s needs
  • Assistance in preparing the financial reports/statutory financial statements

Payroll services

  • Monthly payroll services
  • Calculation of salaries, taxes and contributions
  • Compliance – assistance in all legal/filing requirements
  • Assistance in day-to-day employees issues

Training on tax, accounting, payroll

  • Training programs to clients for update to new legal provisions
  • Training programs to help clients’ employees develop their skills on specific tax, accounting, payroll and financial business areas

Feasibility studies and business valuation

  • Conducting financial feasibility studies on envisaged or ongoing investment projects
  • Business valuation and transaction support on mergers and acquisitions, exit strategy or succession planning, debt raising and dispute resolution

Financial due diligence

  • Investigating the main risks of the target company
  • Investigating the compliance of the target company with corporate and legal provisions
  • Identifying the key risks for business operations and proposing applicable remedies