Insolvency & Debt recovery

Voicu & Filipescu provides first class legal assistance in any type of debt recovery proceedings.
We advise our clients in amicable resolutions and litigations, identifying the optimal approach pertinent to each individual case, such that to ensure that the client’s best interests are met.
We represent clients in a wide range of specific matters, including:

  • negotiations, settlements and transactions
  • litigations and arbitration
  • determining the non-dischargeability of debts
  • foreclosure procedures
  • insolvency procedures

We have a relevant track record in representing the unsecured and secured creditors, as well as the debtors in all aspects of Romanian insolvency cases and assisting clients through creative and effective plans of reorganization, including the rehabilitating of the debtors.

We assess the risk associated with each debt and develop personalized recovery strategies, considering legal solutions and alternative mediation or conciliation options.

We continuously monitor and update the status of legal procedures related to debt recovery, ensuring all deadlines are met, and legal actions comply with relevant norms and regulations.

We compile clear and concise reports and briefings for clients, presenting relevant information about the progress of debt recovery, encountered obstacles, and recommendations for optimizing the process.

Our projects: