Litigation won before the International Court of Arbitration (ICC)

Litigation won by Voicu & Filipescu lawyers before the International Court of Arbitration (ICC)

Representation in the case file was successfully provided both before common law courts and the International Court of Arbitration (ICC)

Lawyers from the dispute resolution practice of Voicu & Filipescu successfully represented a multinational company, global manufacturer of large diesel engines for use on ships and power plants, in the litigation initiated by the Romanian nuclear energy production company.

The request was made by the Romanian company, as a beneficiary of specialized services, initially before the courts of common law, on the non-fulfillment of the obligations of a framework agreement assigned in the public procurement procedure, governed by Swiss law.

The representation was ensured for two years under the coordination of Partner Raluca Mihai,  with the active involvement of Senior lawyer Laura Pricop, and included two phases. In a first phase, the case was brought before the Romanian courts of common law, the lawyers Voicu & Filipescu obtaining a definitive decision of inadmissibility based on lack of competence, and it was subsequently introduced, in a new stage, in the file that was established at the level of the International Court of Arbitration (ICC).

Following the claims in the file, the ICC ruled fully in favor of the party represented by Voicu & Filipescu, completely rejecting the damages requested by the plaintiff and obliging the latter to pay in full the arbitration fees borne by the client for his defense.

The dispute was a challenge from legal point of view, the contract being assigned to our client based on GEO no. 34/2006 which governed the public procurement procedures at that time, but having this special feature of having an arbitration clause and being governed by Swiss law. I am sincerely happy every time the client trusts us and appreciates the work and dedication we represent as legal professionals.” said Raluca Mihai, Voicu & Filipescu partner and coordinator of the representation team in the case.