Yearly Archives: 2019

GDPR Alert no. 7

The last months of 2019 were marked both by Drafts aimed at updating and clarifying the relevant provisions of the GDPR, as well as corrective measures applied by the competent authorities.

When banking law becomes a shell game

Earlier this year I had written another opinion article on what was then called among the bankers as “Antibanking Laws” or the “Zamfir Laws”, commenting, in the context where complaints of unconstitutionality had already been formulated regarding those draft laws, criticisms regarding the superficiality of the explanations of reasons.

Simplified procedures for authorization of construction works

The long awaited changes to the Law no. 50/1991 by Law no. 193/2019 entered into force as of November 2, 2019. The main improvements aim to facilitate the procedure for authorizing construction works by reducing the deadlines for issuing the building and demolition permits, as well as simplifying the documentation and reducing the well-known bureaucracy.

The controversy of the promotional claims mentioned on product labels/packaging

Considering the permanent concerns for complying  with the provisions of the specific legislation in the  consumer protection field, we address a controversial topic, which is very targeted by the National Authority for Consumer Protection (hereinafter referred to as “ANPC”) through its inspections, respectively  the regime of the claims mentioned on the label / packaging of the products, which might influence the consumers’ decision to buy the product in question.

Legal changes – August 2019

This issue of our monthly newsletter provides you with a brief description of some of the most recent legal amendments in the following areas: Corporate, Data Protection, Employment