Newsletter February 2019

In the last two years, tax changes have been more frenetic and more exotic than ever. We could say that we are in the face of a perpetual tax revolution, or rather, we are in the face of a tax revolution on an ongoing basis. This continuous apparently chaotic turmoil and creates the impression that everything that has been regulated so far has to be changed in one form or another and in this way the concept of stability and predictability is completely destroyed. It seems like everything is reset and rewritten in a way known only by the initiators of the changes. There is a sense that dialogue is useless as long as initiators have already “validated” the solutions.

Cover article: Tax revolution “on an ongoing basis” by  Alex Tabacu – Tax Partner Voicu & Filipescu

Legal Changes of January  2019

Voicu & Filipescu is a full service law firm, covering all legal areas relevant to your company’s activity. This issue of our monthly newsletter provides you with a brief description of some of the recent legal amendments in:


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